How Does The Allenbar™ Work?
Simply slip the slotted end over the retainer clip, apply pressure and push away from the motor mount and the clip pops off. To fasten motor clips on, just slip the slotted end over the retainer clip, use fingers to line up slot on clip with motor mount. Apply downward pressure until you hear a pop sound, then your clip is on, Simple.
How Does The Allenbar™ Hold Onto The Clip?
The Allenbar's stainless steel shaft end is flared so it fits almost any retainer clip, making the task of removing clips a snap.
Why Not Just Use A Screwdriver?
Screwdrivers easily slip off the clip. I have used screwdrivers for over 10 years, and have had my share of busted knuckles. You can injure yourself or your customer's appliance if you use a hammer and screwdriver combo like most appliance technicians do and miss while striking the screwdriver with the hammer.
Do I Need To Apply Much Pressure?
Of course some pressure is required to install and remove retainer clips, but The Allenbar™ design allows clips to be installed and removed with little effort.