After Searching for a tool specifically designed for removing retainer clips and coming up dry, Jim Allen was determined to make his own. He perfected his invention and named it The Allenbar™.

In 2002 Jim Allen, an appliance service technician, was changing a clothes dryer motor and was having difficulty fastening the retainer clip. In a last ditch effort he tried using a screwdriver, which slipped off the clip causing his hand to scrape across the motor, resulting in several stitches.

After that he was determined to find a tool that would help prevent this in the future. He called and checked everywhere but came up with nothing. In his frustration he decided to make one himself. After few attempts he succeeded in creating an efficient design. It worked so well that he wanted to share his invention with other technicians, thus the Allenbar hit the shelves in 2004. To date over 20,000 have been sold worldwide.

"It was definitely a trying experience and I'm glad my wife and kids pushed me to follow through with it because there were definitely times I wanted to abandon the project. It won't ever bring millions, but if this handy tool can save a few appliance technicians knuckles from being busted up or fingers sliced, then its worth it." - Jim Allen